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Zhan Futao is an excellent production monitor of Hada Electric. During the more than ten years of his employment, he has always been conscientious and brave to take the lead, which has won unanimous praise from the whole company.

In March 2022, we were informed that the TCR reactor of a large stainless steel factory in Indonesia, which we provided for RXPE, had surface wear and lead displacement due to transportation. He knew that if he could not handle it properly, the operation of the equipment would be affected at least, the construction period would be delayed at worst, and the company's reputation would be negatively affected. At that time, the epidemic situation in Indonesia was very serious, and the construction area was in a medium-high risk area. In spite of the epidemic situation abroad, he volunteered to take an international flight to the project site and started his overseas service work.

After arriving in Indonesia, Zhan Futao rushed to the project site to install and debug Thyristor Controlled Reactor (TCR) and Harmonic Filter reactor (FC) of static var compensation (SVC) device, providing guarantee for the project's planned operation and power transmission. After working day and night, he successfully solved the problem of wear and tear caused by transportation, overcoming difficulties such as lack of on-site construction tools and language barriers.

His superb business ability and quality service have been recognized and affirmed by Indonesian customers, so that "customer satisfaction is the only standard to test our work" Hada spirit has taken root in foreign countries and continued to grow, for the company to establish a good corporate image.



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