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Shandong Hada Electric Co., Ltd. founded on June, 9.1999, located in Yantai, China, a beautiful coastal city, specialized in producing all kinds of air-core reactor and iron-core reactor. Main products: damping reactor, current-limiting reactor, thyristor control reactor(TCR), filter reactor, smoothing reactor, arm reactor, starting reactor etc.

Hada workshop covers 22000 square meters which is equipped with high precision auto winding machines and inspection equipment, currently annual capacity reaches to 40million USD. Able to do routine test for all kinds of air-core and iron-core reactor.

Hada Electric is also an electric engineering company supply both the domestic and international market with a wide range of high quality electric products and professional solutions in the three industry segments of generation, transmission and distribution.The main products covered: all kinds of reactor, insulator, line traps, capacitor bank, resistor, bushing, surge arrester, CT,PT,GIS, AIS,CB,etc. Some characteristics which make Hada Electric such a successful electrical engineering company include competitive prices, on-time delivery, qualified and dedicated employees, high class technology, as well as overall superior quality.

With more than 20 yrs of successful field experience, Hada reactor have been widely used in power transmission and distribution,metallurgy,electrified railway and municipal engineering. Covering middle voltage, high voltage, ultra-high voltage, and other fields, can meet the needs of reactor for AC and DC transmission. Most famous companies like State Grid Corporation of China,China Southern Power Grid,ABB,Samwha, GE,Cooper,Sieyuan, NR,CSR and RXPE always take Hada as their main dry-type reactor supplier. By far, Hada reactor have been safely operated in more than 60 countries around the world. Hada Electric actively participates in the construction of national key projects, and has provided products and services for Qinghai-Tibet network project, Sichuan-Tibet network project, China Southern Power Grid DC melting project, Shanghai Temple ±800kV converter station, South Korea KEPCO state grid, Colombia Tibu state grid and so on.

All products are designed according to IEC, IEEE, GB and DL standards, All kinds of products have passed the type test of Xi'an High Voltage Apparatus Research Institure(XIHARI), China National Transformer Quality Supervision Testing Center (STRI) and China national center for quality supervision and test of electrical apparatus product(EETI).

1973 Years

The enterprise was founded in

105 +

National authorised patents

900 +

All kinds of special experimental

200 +

Global cooperative service outlets

Main business

The enterprise's main products are hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic (electrical) integrated systems, hydraulic EPC engineering solutions, high-end cylinders, and integrated systems. The hydraulic cylinder is a famous-brand product in Shandong Province with independent intellectual property rights. The hydraulic cylinder implements the standard JB/T10205-2010, which can be customized according to the customer's individual requirements (German DIN standard, Japanese JIS standard, ISO standard, etc.), with cylinder diameter(bore) of 20-600mm, stroke 10-6000mm, multi-variety, and multi-specification hydraulic cylinders meet market demand.

We always aim to create customer value and continue to optimize the product structure. The industries we serve mainly include special purpose vehicles, solid waste environmental protection, rubber machinery, high-end agricultural machinery, construction machinery, metallurgy, military industry, etc., focusing on the deep cultivation industry, which is a special sanitation vehicle, waste incineration power generation and another sub-industries market champion.

R&d and innovation

In the field of research and development, since its establishment in 1973, the enterprise has always adhered to technological innovation as its nuclear power, established friendly cooperative relations with industry leaders and scientific research institutions, built a team of experts at the forefront of industry technology, and created the enterprise’s unique technology with comparative advantages, we provide customers with customized system solutions in the field of high-end hydraulic and pneumatic engineering technology, continue to achieve customers and help the development of the industry. The enterprise has more than 80 engineering and technical personnel and employs many domestic and foreign technical experts. It has four scientific and technological innovation platforms: National High-tech Enterprise, Provincial Enterprise Technology Center, Yantai Hydraulic and Pneumatic Technology Engineering Laboratory, and Yantai Pneumatic Engineering Technology Research Center. Obtained the honorary titles of national intellectual property advantage enterprise, national (industry) standard-setting unit, and outstanding supplier of special purpose vehicles in China. A total of 105 national authorized patents have been obtained, including 10 invention patents and 4 computer software copyrights.


ISO 9001:2008


ISO9001 2015EN







Production capacity

In the field of production and quality control, it has passed ISO9001, IATF16949 quality management system certification. The three factories have more than 900 sets of various production and experimental inspection equipment, 14 professional production lines for cylinder products, a sample trial production site, and multiple auxiliary production lines, a system integration production assembly workshop, and an equipment manufacturing plant. It has an annual production capacity of 400,000 oil cylinders, 3000 sets of hydraulic and electric integrated systems, and more than 100 sets of equipment. Multi-production lines meet the needs of customers for multi-variety customization.


Global market

In the field of marketing, the products are based in China and are supplied to high-end enterprises in the United States, Germany, Italy, France, Sweden, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Canada, Australia, and other countries.


Company culture

Adhering to the enterprise spirit of health, honesty, innovation, dedication, and collaboration, adhere to the core values ​​of Quality creates Future, and practice the philosophy of always take the customer as the right, take oursel as no, sincere, whole-process, a understanding wife and a be-loved mother-like service ; is moving from a traditional mechanical processing industry to a digital manufacturing enterprise, from a rapid-scale development model to a high-quality lean model, paying more attention to employee experience and social benefits; pursuing long-term and winning the lasting trust of customers.

With the enterprise mission of caring for employees, achieving clients, and benefiting society, the enterprise is a collaborative and symbiotic innovative enterprise with an important industry influence on the integration of hydraulic and pneumatic components, system integration, and technical services.

With a global mind, down-to-earth, innovative thinking, and integration of resources, Yantai Future is moving steadily towards its vision of becoming an expert brand enterprise in the field of hydraulic engineering technology!

Let's work hard to press ahead to seize the day where we live it to the fullest on the way to chase the China dream!

Quality creates Future!

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