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Hada Electric contribute to UHV three-end hybrid DC technology innovation


On July 18, 2019, the ultra-high voltage three-end hybrid dc innovation platform of China southern power grid verified the feasibility of hybrid dc transmission technology in actual power grid operation through dc fault removal and restart test.It is worth mentioning that in this "daishang" project, hada electric works with customers to provide safe and reliable flat-wave reactor and bridge arm reactor.

In October 2018, hada electric and users had the first technical exchange on this project, and learned that this project is a three-terminal hybrid dc innovation platform, which is the simulation and verification project of kunliulong dc project, the world's first uhv hybrid multi-terminal dc transmission project under construction by China southern power grid corporation.The platform can more truly simulate and verify the operation of the main equipment of the project.Company research and development department needed to be flat wave reactor for the interpretation and bridge arm reactor technical agreement requirements, in accordance with the requirements for the technical agreement and the use environment put forward the technical scheme, due to the project for the reactor operation condition of ac/dc hybrid, and the technical agreement on product temperature rise, noise, ac loss and dc loss have strict requirements, the company deputy chief engineer Zhang Guangcong in conjunction with r&d Chen Jiao and tech engineers repeated discussion and calculation, determined the project technical scheme after verification.Then zhang guangcong, deputy chief engineer of the company, visited the user for technical communication on this project, and conducted in-depth communication on technical issues such as design temperature rise, loss, type test scheme, detailed report and model of reactor magnetic field and thermal field design, and finally confirmed the technical scheme.
In order to ensure the smooth development and implementation of the project, the company held an emergency project launch meeting as soon as the project was officially received. The chief engineer cao ketao emphasized the importance of the project at the meeting and acted as the project manager in person, responsible for coordinating the progress of the project and ensuring the smooth delivery.
During the project implementation, the company deputy chief engineer Zhang Guangcong and qc department minister Wang Limei personally visited shenyang transformer research institute of flat wave reactor and bridge arm reactor in terms of product performance verification, after nearly a week of testing, product all test results are better than the technical agreement requirements and relevant product standards, the successfully passed the routine test and type test.


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