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Warmly celebrate the 20th anniversary and the first family day of hada electric


We warmly celebrate the 20th anniversary and the first family day

On June 9, 2019, nearly 300 employees and family members of shandong hada electric co., ltd. organized the "hada electric 20th anniversary celebration and the first family day activity in 2019" in the company's factory yard.
For the first time in the 20 years since the establishment of hada electric co., LTD., employees and their families were invited to the company in such a grand way. Everyone gathered together in the company's factory yard.Looking back on the development of hada electric, gong dong thanks all the hard work of hada adults, together imagine a better tomorrow!
In this celebration and family day activity, we invited the employees' children to create calligraphy and painting works with the theme of "the 20th anniversary of Harbin", and received a total of 32 works.In order to express our congratulations on the 20th anniversary of ha, 10 groups of children showed their outstanding talents, including dance, song, martial arts, taekwondo, musical instrument playing, etc.
Many games and gifts were prepared on the day of the activity, including tug-of-war competition of hada electric traditional project.Tug-of-war competition fully demonstrated the power of ha adult unity, it is this spirit of unity and hard work to let ha go farther and farther in the field of power transmission and distribution, always maintain the leading position in the industry.
The 20th anniversary of hada electric and the first family day in 2019 was successfully concluded with laughter. Hada adults and their families are full of confidence in the future of hada, and hada will become a world-renowned company with our joint efforts!