Dry-type iron core Series reactor

Product name:
Dry-type iron core Series reactor


1.Product Application:
Combined with power capacitors, this series of products will improve the power factor of electric power system, reduce the switching inrush current and control higher harmonic of power grid, ease the overload resulting from harmonic waves of capacitor, reduce switching overvoltage, ensure a favorable function over the safe running of capacitor, improve voltage waveform of power grid, and upgrade power supply quality and maintain safe and economic operation of power grid as well.
The iron cores are all three-stem structure, with circular core-limb section. Adopting high quality cold rolling orientation silicon steel plate, the core limbs are composed of a number of small air gap sections, with rectangular upper and lower iron-yokes, integrated by pulling tight the tie bar. With winding of high-strength electromagnetic wires, the coils are teemed with epoxy resin, thus processing such favorable features as good insulating property, small partial-discharge, high mechanical strength, small volume, low noise and loss, moisture and flame resistance, strong overload capacity, high reliability, and small flux leakage. They are widely used in power transmitting and transforming systems, electrified railways, metallurgy and petrochemicals sectors. They can find their protection requirements, and microcomputer controlled stations with special requirements on electromagnetic interference. Anticorrosive treatment is adopted for the part exposed and all lead terminals are tin coated.
2.Model Interpretation:

3.Service Conditions
1. Installation site: indoors
2. Ambient temperature:-25℃~45℃, relative humidity is not surpass 90%.
3. Altitude: ≤1000m
4. Cooling mode: AN
5. Thermal endurance class: F
6. No harmful gas, explosive and combustibles around.
7. Good ventilation around. Ventilator is required if installed inside a cabinet.

GB 1094.1~5-08           《Power Transformer》
GB 6450-86                   《Dry Type Power Transformer》
GB/T 1094.6-2011        《Power Transformer: Part 6  Reactor》
IEC 60076-6 2007        《Power Transformer: Part 6  Reactor》
JB 5346-98                    《Series Reactor》
GB 311.1~6-93             《Insulation coordination for high voltage transmission equipment, high voltage testing technique》

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Rated Current
Rated Reactance
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System Rated Voltage
Installation Mode
Angel Between Inlet and Outlet
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